Flava, yellow or blond in Latin or flavor in English slang, may refer to:

  • Flava (radio), a New Zealand radio station
  • "Flava" (song), a single from R&B singer-songwriter Peter Andre
  • Flava (TV channel), a defunct British music television channel, which played classic hip-hop and R&B music videos.
  • Flava in Ya Ear, a single by Craig Mack
  • Bongo flava, the nickname for the Tanzanian R&B/hip hop music genre
  • Full Flava, a British company producing R&B and Soul records
  • Ligamenta flava, ligaments which connect the laminae of adjacent vertebrae, all the way from the axis to the first segment of the sacrum
  • Encyclia flava, species of orchid found in South America
subspecies, cultivars or varieties

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