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Flashing Blades is a role-playing game published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1984.


Flashing Blades is a 17th-century swashbuckling system.[1] PCs choose a character class (soldier, gentleman, rogue. etc.) and assign skill points to create characters.[1] Gain and loss of social status is very important.[1] The "Rogues, Gentlemen, Soldiers and Noblemen" book (48 pages) covers character creation, combat, and campaigns; a second book (16 pages) includes three miniscenarios.[1] The game includes a GM's screen.[1]

Publication historyEdit

Flashing Blades was designed by Mark Pettigrew, and was published in 1984 by Fantasy Games Unlimited as a boxed set with a 48-page book, a 16-page book, a cardstock screen, and dice.[1]

In 1985, William H. Keith, Jr. and J. Andrew Keith expanded into Fantasy Games Unlimited's game lines including Flashing Blades.[2]:75



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