Flag of Buenos Aires

The flag of Buenos Aires.
Arms shown in the flag of Buenos Aires.

The flag of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina was officially adopted on October 24, 1995. It shows the coat of arms of the House of Habsburg, as the flag has an eagle on a white background. The use of Habsburg symbols comes from Charles V of the Habsburg dynasty, who was king of Spain when Buenos Aires was originally founded in 1536. The city was eventually abandoned, but it was refounded in 1580, during the reign of Charles V's son, Philip II.[1]

As a symbol of Spanish colonialism, this flag has generated controversy among advocates of democracy and republicanism. Councilman Adrián Camps from the left-wing party Proyecto Sur (led by Representative to the Argentine National Congress Fernando Solanas) proposes repealing the 1995 city law that adopted this flag as the official flag of the Buenos Aires city and proclaiming a law choosing a new flag that better reflects the cosmopolitan, democratic and tolerant spirit of the city using participative methods.[2]