First Cornet Streshnev

First Cornet Streshnev (Georgian:Pirveli korneti Streshniovi) is a 1928 Soviet adventure film directed by Mikheil Chiaureli and Efim Dzigan.[1] It was made in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.

First Cornet Streshnev
First Cornet Streshniov.jpg
Directed by
Written byArsen Aravski
CinematographyViktor Engels
Release date
2 October 1928
Running time
64 minutes
CountrySoviet Union
Georgian intertitles


The events of the film take place during the First World War in 1917 on the Caucasian front. First cornet of the military orchestra Streshnev, not interested in politics faithfully serves his stern commander Colonel Garaburde. The musician learns that on the orders of Colonel a firing squad is prepared for a unit on which his son Streshnev Jr serves. The awakening of class consciousness of the old tsarist army campaigner forces him to join the rebel soldiers and warn his son and comrades of the impending danger.



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