First Battle of Wawer

The First Battle of Wawer[1] was fought on 19 and 20 February 1831, between Poland and Russia. Polish forces, led by Jan Skrzynecki, defeated Russian 1st Corps, commanded by Hans Karl von Diebitsch. After the battle, Polish commanders did not receive any reinforcements, so the victory was not decisive.

Battle of Dębe Wielkie
Part of Polish-Russian War 1830-1831
Карта к статье «Вавр» № 2. Военная энциклопедия Сытина (Санкт-Петербург, 1911-1915).jpg
Date19 February – 20 February 1831
Result Polish tactical victory
Poland Kingdom of Poland Russia Imperial Russia
Commanders and leaders
Poland Jan Skrzynecki Russia Hans Karl von Diebitsch
Casualties and losses
Light Heavy


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Coordinates: 52°12′50″N 21°09′29″E / 52.2139°N 21.1581°E / 52.2139; 21.1581