First Battle of Kalaa of the Beni Abbes (1553)

The Battle of the Kalâa of the Beni Abbes took place during the winter of 1553. It opposed the regency of Algiers to the Kingdom of Beni Abbes. In order to counterbalance the influence of Sultan Abdelaziz of the Kalaa, which subjects the tribes around the Kalaa, Salah Rais orders an expedition against the Kalaa of the Beni Abbes, to annihilate his influence. The army of the Regency camped at Bona a league from the Kalaa. Abdelaziz made an sortie against them and defeated them after a clash which was deadly for both sides. The armies of the Regency were forced to retreat after heavy losses. This battle also diminished their reputation.[2] This victory allows Sultan Abdelaziz to confirm his control over the Bibans and the Hodna.[3]

Battle of Kalaa of the Beni Abbes (1553)
Result Decisive Kingdom of Ait Abbas Victory
• Maintaining the Kingdom of the Beni Abbes[1]
Kingdom of Ait Abbas confirm its control over the Bibans and the Hodna
Flag of Kingdom of ait abbas Kingdom of Ait Abbas Flag of Ottoman Algiers.svg Regency of Algiers
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Kingdom of ait abbas Abdelaziz Labbes Flag of Ottoman Algiers.svg Salah Rais
Unknown 2000 Janissaries
500 spahis
6 000 Arab cavaliers
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown, but high

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