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Firies (officially Fieries; Irish: Na Foidhrí)[1] is a village in County Kerry, Ireland. It is on the R561 road between Farranfore and Castlemaine.[2] The population in 2011 was 491.[3]


Na Foidhrí
Firies, Church of St Gertrude
Firies, Church of St Gertrude
Fieries is located in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 52°10′14″N 09°35′52″W / 52.17056°N 9.59778°W / 52.17056; -9.59778Coordinates: 52°10′14″N 09°35′52″W / 52.17056°N 9.59778°W / 52.17056; -9.59778
Country Ireland
CountyCounty Kerry
20.978 m (68.827 ft)
 • Total558



Opened in 1991, the Firies National School is a rural 15 teacher and Green school.[4]

Firies CastleEdit

On a rock outcrop 855 meters south of the village is the fragmentary remains of a rectangular tower. The ground-floor appears to be occupied by a single chamber which was covered by a rounded vault which is almost entirely fallen. Only part of the walling above ground-floor level survives.[5]

Notable peopleEdit

Bishop Eamonn Casey - Irish clergyman.

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