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Fire Deuce is a band created as a side-project by Travis Stever, the lead guitarist of Coheed and Cambria. The band features members of other bands, such as Joey Eppard, Billy Riker, Chris Gartmann, and Joe Stote from the band 3, Claudio Sanchez from the band Coheed and Cambria, and Josh Eppard (rapper Weerd Science and drummer of Coheed and Cambria).

The 80's style metal group released their debut EP "Children Of The Deuce" on May 10, 2005 on CI Records. In an interview with Alternative Press in 2005, Travis Stever said that "three of the songs were fueled by Southern Comfort... and one by vodka".

A description on the official Fire Deuce website describes their style as:" elements of Coheed and Cambria's unique style alongside the hard-rock influence of bands such as AC/DC and Guns N' Roses, the raw energy of The Stooges, and the rocking punk riffage of Turbonegro, to create a brilliant, must-have record any Coheed and Cambria fan will love..."[1] "...Fire Deuce, can easily be considered the new Spinal Tap, or, at the very least, The Darkness done right. All of these details combine to ensure that Fire Deuce stand to take their place as the masters of over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek, hard rock."[2]

Band membersEdit

Stage Name Real Name Position in Band
JE Deuce Joey Eppard Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Cleveland Stever Travis Stever Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Deuce Freely Billy Riker Guitar, Bass
Gart Deuce Chris Gartmann Drums
Clyde Dirty Deuce Claudio Sanchez Harmonica, Vocals, Guitar
Deuce Newton Josh Eppard Drums
Deuce Shiskabob Mark Schiskie Trumpet
Dom Della Deuce Joe Stote Keyboards


Year Title Label
2005 Children of the Deuce (EP) CI Records
2007 Deep Down & Dirty (EP) CI Records

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