Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1965

Finland was represented by Viktor Klimenko, with the song "Aurinko laskee länteen", at the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 20 March in Naples.

Eurovision Song Contest 1965
Country Finland
National selection
Selection processNational final
Selection date(s)13 February 1965
Selected entrantViktor Klimenko
Selected song"Aurinko laskee länteen"
Selected songwriter(s)
Finals performance
Final result15th, 0 points
Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Before EurovisionEdit

The Finnish national selection composed of a semi final and a final.

Semi finalEdit

Ten songs were chosen to the national semi final. Those songs were played on radio in late January and six finalists were chosen by postcard voting.

Songs eliminated in the semi final
Artist Song Songwriter(s)
Pentti Lasanen "Vanha kunnon dixieland" Åke Granholm (m. & l.)
Vieno Kekkonen "Pavane itkevälle neidolle" Ensio Kosta (m.), lyricist unknown
Carola "Ge mig en grabb" Lasse Mårtenson (m.), Sauvo Puhtila (l.)
Tamara Lund "Ota tai jätä" Rauno Lehtinen (m.), Sauvo Puhtila (l.)

National finalEdit

The Finnish national final took place on February 13th at the YLE TV Studios in Helsinki. The show was hosted by Antti Einiö and Marion Rung. There vere two juries, regional juries and a Nordic jury. Should both juries have the same favourite, it would be declared the winner. However, the favorite song of regional juries was "Iltaisin" performed by Marjatta Leppänen and of Nordic jury was "Aurinko laskee länteen" by Viktor Klimenko. Therefore the winner was chosen by Yle's administration and they chose "Aurinko laskee länteen".

Note. The points are total points awarded by regional juries and the Nordic jury. The Finnish representative was eventually chosen by Yle's administration.
Draw Artist Song Songwriters Place Points
1 Marjatta Leppänen "Iltaisin" Lasse Mårtenson (m.), Kari Tuomisaari (l.) 1 210
2 Eero & Jussi "Tahdon saaren" Erik Lindström (m.), Hillevi (l.) 6 84
3 Ritva Mustonen "Lapin taikarummut" Toivo Kärki (m.), Reino Helismaa (l.) 5 93
4 Viktor Klimenko "Aurinko laskee länteen" Toivo Kärki (m.), Reino Helismaa (l.) 2 195
5 Katri Helena "Minne tuuli kuljettaa" Toivo Kärki (m.), Juha Vainio (l.) 3 186
6 Kai Lind "Mon amie, mon amour" Åke Granholm (m.), Sauvo Puhtila (l.) 4 133

At EurovisionEdit

On the night of the final Viktor Klimenko performed 16th in the running order, following Luxembourg and preceding Yugoslavia. The Finnish entry was conducted by George de Godzinsky. Finland did not receive any points in the voting and therefore placed joint last with Spain, Germany and Belgium.


Finland did not receive any points at the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest.[1]

Points awarded by Finland[1]
Score Country
5 points   Luxembourg
3 points   Sweden
1 point   France


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