Finegold Alexander Architects

Finegold Alexander Architects is an architecture firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1961 as J. Timothy Anderson & Associates, the firm is best known for its work in the field of adaptive reuse.

Finegold Alexander Architects
Practice information
FoundersJ. Timothy Anderson
George M. Notter
Old City Hall in Boston, originally completed in 1865 and adapted for commercial uses in 1971 to designs by Anderson Notter Associates.
The Main Building of Ellis Island, restored and renovated for museum use by Beyer Blinder Belle and Notter Finegold & Alexander, completed in 1990.

History edit

Finegold Alexander Architects was established in Boston in 1961 as J. Timothy Anderson & Associates by J. Timothy Anderson (1932-2001), a 1958 graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design. In 1965 he was joined by his former classmate George M. Notter (1933-2007) and in 1970 the firm was renamed Anderson Notter Associates.[1] In 1976 Anderson Notter received the first AIA Honor Award for Extended Use for the 1971 conversion of Boston's Old City Hall to a private office and restaurant use.[2] In 1977 Maurice Finegold (born 1932) became a principal and the firm was renamed Anderson Notter Finegold. In 1984 Anderson retired, James Alexander became a principal and the firm was renamed Notter Finegold & Alexander.

In 1992 Notter, who had been managing the firm's Washington, D.C. office, retired to establish his own practice,[3] and the firm became Finegold Alexander & Associates. This name was changed to Finegold Alexander + Associates in 2011 and to the present Finegold Alexander Architects in 2015.[4] Finegold and Alexander retired as principals in 2021.[5] As of 2023 the firm is led by president Rebecca L. Berry, vice president Ellen K. Anselone and four additional principals.[6]

Architectural works edit

Works by Finegold Alexander Architects and its predecessor firms have included:

Notes edit

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