Filipino Society of Cinematographers

The Filipino Society of Cinematographer (FSC) is an educational, cultural, and professional organization of cinematographers established on February 27, 1970.

Filipino Society of Cinematographers
HeadquartersOctoArts Building, Panay Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Key people
George Toralba - President
             = Elmer Haresco Despa - Vice President
             = Rush Borja - Secretary
             = Mhel Dapilos - Treasurer
             = Bj Gonzales - Asst. Treasurer
             = Jhonathan John Liwanag - PRO
             = Roman Theodossis - Board of Director
             = Rolando Jacinto - Board of Director
             = Itok Capulong Mempin - Board of Director
             = Jay Ramirez - Board of Director
             = Andrew Topacio - 

Board of Director

= Chiqui Lobo Soriano - Board of Director

In 2010, the FSC in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines held the first Advance HD Cinematography and Digital Filmmaking Workshop in Batangas.

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