Fih (Arabic: فيع‎, or Fiaa) is a Greek Orthodox Christian village[1] situated in Koura District of Lebanon.

The name "Fih" is derived from an Aramaic root. Its meanings include "the place where the sheep bleat", "the abundance and exuberance", "the beautiful and charming" and "of wind and breeze".[2]

The High HillEdit

Since the Phoenician age the tradition was to choose high ground to build altars and temples.

The tradition is referenced in the Bible: "For they also built them high places, and images, and groves, on every high hill, and under every green tree." 1 Kings 14:23

Fih is one of the highest hill in El- Koura overlooking the coast and was one of the most important sacred hills in the region. Fih remains the center of the celebration of St. Simon, its patron saint. The shrine is surrounded by cemeteries.


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Coordinates: 34°20′54″N 35°47′16″E / 34.348361°N 35.787792°E / 34.348361; 35.787792