Fhtagn nagh Yog-Sothoth

Fhtagn nagh Yog-Sothoth is the only demo album made by the funeral doom pioneers Thergothon. It originally was released in November 1991.[1] It was reissued in 1992 by Wild Rags Records and in 1999 by Eibon Records.[2] The demo was reissued again by Eibon in late 2005 or early 2006. This demo was released on Vinyl in 2006 by Painiac Records, with new artwork and a bonus track titled "Dancing in the Realm of Shades" from an unreleased rehearsal.

Fhtagn nagh Yog-Sothoth
Studio album (Demo) by
ReleasedNovember 1991
Recordedat Studio Tuotanto-Tekniikka during November 14–18, 1991
GenreFuneral doom
Thergothon chronology
Fhtagn nagh Yog-Sothoth
Stream from the Heavens

The American funeral doom band Evoken take their name from the second track of this demo.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Elemental" – 7:51
  2. "Evoken" – 7:21
  3. "Yet the Watchers Guard" – 7:58
  4. "The Twilight Fade" – 1:59
  5. "Dancing in the Realm of Shades" (bonus track for 2006 release)


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