Ferroboron (FeB) is a ferroalloy consisting of iron and boron. The metal usually contains 17.5% to 20% boron and is used to produce boron steels.


Ferroboron is (CAS Registry Number 11108–67-1) is a ferroalloy of iron and boron with boron content between 17.5 and 20%.[1]

It is manufactured either by carbothermic reduction of boric acid in an electric arc furnace together with carbon steel, or by the aluminothermic reduction of boric acid in the presence of iron.[1]

Ferroboron is added to C-Mn and other low alloy steels to improve hardenability (see Boron steel), and can also act as a nitrogen scavenger in steel, and in the production of NdFeB magnets.[1]

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