Fenua Tapu is an islet of Nui atoll in the Pacific Ocean state of Tuvalu.[1][2]

It is the most southern and most eastern islet of Nui and is the largest (area 1.38 km2). Most Nuians live on the western end of Fenua Tapu,[3] where a village including the settlements of Alamoni - Maiaki and Manutalake - Meang (Tanrake) lies.[4]

A Dutch expedition (the frigate Maria Reigersberg[5]) found Nui on the morning of June 14, 1825 and named Fenua Tapu as Nederlandsch Eiland.[6]

A New Island in the Pacific.— In July last, the Pollux, Dutch sloop of war, Captain Eeg, discovered a new and well-peopled island in the Pacific, to which the name of Nederlandich Island was given : its latitude and longitude laid down at 7° 10' S., and 177° 33' 16" E. from Greenwich. The natives were athletic and fierce, great thieves, and, from their shewing no symptoms of fear when muskets were discharged, evidently unacquainted with the effects of fire-arms.[7]


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Coordinates: 7°14′45″S 177°8′50″E / 7.24583°S 177.14722°E / -7.24583; 177.14722