Fei Fu Kwan Ying, also known by its alternative title Flying Squads, is a 1989 Hong Kong action crime thriller television series produced by TVB and starring Donnie Yen, Pauline Yeung and Eddie Kwan. Originally aired from 7 to 25 August 1989 on TVB Jade, the series reran on TVB's Network Vision channel from 11 to 29 January 2016 on weekends as a part of the special, Our... Donnie Yen (我們的...甄子丹), which began running on the same day.[1][2]

Fei Fu Kwan Ying
Official poster
Also known asFlying Squads
Traditional Chinese飛虎群英
Simplified Chinese飞虎群英
Literal meaningFlying Tiger Hero Squad
Hanyu Pinyinfēi hǔ qún yīng
Jyutpingfei1 fu2 kwan4 jing1
GenreCrime thriller
Screenplay byWong Hon-wah
Chung Tak-wing
Cheng Yau-hing
Yu Hon-wing
Law Kam-fai
Directed byLee Shu-fan
Chu Yik-lung
Au Tak-fai
Wai Hon-to
StarringDonnie Yen
Pauline Yeung
Eddie Kwan
Anita Lee
Oscar Lam
Mini Kung
Angelina Lo
Tam Hing-chuen
Theme music composerMichael Lai
Opening themeAbyss (深淵) by Alex To
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes15 (Hong Kong)
20 (Overseas)
ProducerTommy Leung
Production locationHong Kong
Camera setupMulti camera
Production companyTVB
Original release
NetworkTVB Jade
Release7 August (1989-08-07) –
25 August 1989 (1989-08-25)

Plot edit

Cheung Ho-nam (Donnie Yen), Lau Chuen-hang (Eddie Kwan) and Cheng Sing (Oscar Lam) are three best friends. Ho-nam and Sing later joined the Special Duties Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force while Cheun-hang inherit his father's triad business. Although on opposite sides of the law, they were able to accommodate each other due to their strong friendship. Chuen-hang's younger sister, Chuen-fong (Anita Lee), has a crush on Ho-nam, however, Ho-nam is dating fellow police officer, Kei-kei (Pauline Yeung). Feeling broken-hearted, Chuen-fong marries Sing, who had been secretly admiring her. When Chuen-hang first go involved in the underworld, he was tricked by the elders. With the support and encouragement of his confidante, Anita (Mimi Kung), Chuen-hang finally eliminated dissidents and his influence gradually expands. Chuen-hang becomes a triad leader and his friendship with Ho-nam shatters. Ho-nam has vowed to bring Chuen-hang to justice. Later on, Chuen-hang causes the deaths of Sing, Anita, Chuen-fong and Ho-nam's older sister, Ng (Angelina Lo), leading to a tense and brutal battle between Ho-nam and Chuen-hang.

Cast edit

  • Donnie Yen as Cheung Ho-nam (張皓南)
  • Pauline Yeung as Lei Kei-kei (利琪琪)
  • Eddie Kwan as Lau Chuen-hang (劉傳亨)
  • Anita Lee as Lau Chuen-fong (劉傳芳)
  • Oscar Lam as Cheng Sing (鄭勝)
  • Mimi Kung as Anita
  • Angelina Lo as Cheung Ng (張五)
  • Tam Hing-chuen as Lau Kuen (劉權)
  • Leung Oi
  • Alan Chan
  • Tang Yu-chiu
  • Ng Pok-kwan
  • Chan Yuk-lun
  • Cheng Ka-sang
  • Leung Siu-chau
  • Wong Wai-tak
  • Sher Ng
  • Kei Siu-kei
  • Bak Man-biu
  • Wong Hung-kam
  • Ng Wah-san
  • Chan Kwok-chi
  • Wong Yat-fei
  • To Siu-chun
  • Luk Ying-hong
  • Lai Koon-sing
  • Kong Ning
  • Cheng Kwan-chik
  • Yau Kwok-leung
  • Karel Wong
  • Raymond Tsang
  • Ma Chung-tak
  • Tsui Kwong-lam
  • Chan Kwan-kai
  • Lam Chung
  • Wayne Lai
  • Ng Sui-ting
  • Chan Chung-kin
  • Clement Poon
  • Yeung Chung-yee
  • Law Kwok-wai
  • Gilbert Lam
  • Tsang Yiu-ming
  • Wong Yan-chi
  • Wong Sing-seung
  • Lam Kin-fai
  • Evergreen Mak
  • Chu Tit-wo
  • Tam Siu-ming
  • Hui Sat-yin
  • Gregory Charles Rivers
  • Suen Kwai-hing
  • Frankie Lam
  • Leung Kin-ping
  • Wong Sze-yan
  • Tam Yat-ching
  • Ling Hon
  • Cho Chai
  • Yip Sai-kuen
  • Ho Pik-kin
  • Bobby Au-yeung
  • Lee Wong-sang
  • Fung Kwok
  • Gordon Lam
  • Sing Yan
  • Law Shu-kei
  • Chan Fung-ping
  • Sin Po-wah
  • Ho Lai-nam
  • Tang Yee-ho
  • Kenny Wong
  • Mak Chi-wan
  • Sin Kim-yuen
  • Ben Wong
  • Wong Ying-kuen

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References edit

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