Federal Returning Officer

In Germany, the Federal Returning Officer ("Bundeswahlleiter") is the Returning Officer responsible for overseeing elections on the federal level. The Federal Returning Officer and his deputy are appointed indefinitely by the Federal Minister of the Interior; traditionally this position has been held by the President of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany.

Sign of the Federal Statistical Office and of the Federal Returning Officer

List of federal returning officersEdit

  1. Gerhard Fürst (1948–1964)
  2. Patrick Schmidt (1964–1972)
  3. Hildegard Bartels (1972–1980)
  4. Franz Kroppenstedt (1980–1983)
  5. Egon Hölder (1983–1992)
  6. Hans Günther Merk (1992–1995)
  7. Johann Hahlen (1995–2006)
  8. Walter Radermacher (2006–2008)
  9. Roderich Egeler (2008–2015)
  10. Dieter Sarreither (2015–2017)
  11. Georg Thiel (2017–present)

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