Portuguese Athletics Federation

Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo (FPAtletismo), is the governing body for the sport of athletics in Portugal.

Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo
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Founded5 de Novembro de 1921
AffiliationWorld Athletics
Regional affiliationEAA
PresidentJorge António de Campos Vieira
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The Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo was founded on 5 November 1921, under the name "Federação Portuguesa de Sports Atléticos". It is headquartered in Linda-a-Velha, Oeiras. It's an independent sports governing body, of public interest, non-profit, ruled by their own code.[1]

The Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo (FPAtletismo) organizes the Portuguese Indoor and Outdoor Athletics Championships. It has 21 regional associations, promoting and directing the practice of athletics, in men's and women's. In according with the International Association of Athletics Federations in which is a member, it also organizes doping tests in official competitions, as outside them, so it can detect doping in athletics.

Portugal in AthleticsEdit

In the Olympic Games, Portugal has won 10 medals at Athletics, including the country's only 4 gold medals.


Portugal's kits are currently supplied by Puma.

Olympic medalistsEdit

Medal Name Games Event
  Silver Carlos Lopes   1976 Montreal Men's 10000 metres
  Gold Carlos Lopes   1984 Los Angeles Men's marathon
  Bronze António Leitão   1984 Los Angeles Men's 5000 metres
  Bronze Rosa Mota   1984 Los Angeles Women's marathon
  Gold Rosa Mota   1988 Seoul Women's marathon
  Gold Fernanda Ribeiro   1996 Atlanta Women's 10000 metres
  Bronze Fernanda Ribeiro   2000 Sydney Women's 10000 metres
  Silver Francis Obikwelu   2004 Athens Men's 100 metres
  Bronze Rui Silva   2004 Athens Men's 1500 metres
  Gold Nelson Évora   2008 Beijing Men's triple jump
  Gold Pedro Pichardo   2020 Tokyo Men's triple jump
  Silver Patrícia Mamona   2020 Tokyo Women's triple jump

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