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Fedayeen al-Islam (also spelled Fedayan-i-Islam, variously translated as "Islamic Commandos" or "Islamic Patriots") is a militant group in Pakistan under the leadership of Hakimullah Mehsud, who was a deputy to Baitullah Mehsud in the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) prior to Baitullah's death.[1] After Baitullah's death in August 2009, Hakimullah assumed leadership of the TTP.


Alleged attacksEdit

Islamabad Hotel BombingEdit

The group claimed responsibility for the Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing[2][3]

After the Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing, the group called Arabiya's correspondent in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. The correspondent said he received a text message on his mobile phone showing a telephone number. He said he called the number and then heard a recording in which the group admitted launching Saturday's attack. The Arabiya television correspondent said the speaker spoke in English with a South Asian accent. The Fedayeen Islam group has issued several demands including for Pakistan to stop its cooperation with the United States.

Lahore Police Academy AttacksEdit

Fedayeen al-Islam claimed responsibility for the 2009 Lahore police academy attacks[4]

2009 April 4 Islamabad AttackEdit

Febayeen al-Islam claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the capital that killed eight troops.[1]

2009 April 5 Chakwal AttackEdit

The group also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that targeted a Shia mosque in Chakwal, Punjab province. 24 people died in the attack.[1]


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