NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, Southwest Series

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The NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, Southwest Series was a Late Model racing league operating since 1985, originally with NASCAR sanction as the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Tour , and before being sanctioned by a group of West Coast racers under the premises of the Stockcar Racing League.

The cars feature a perimeter frame chassis where rails of equal lengths must kick out, compared to the more modern offset chassis where one side is straight and one side kicks out. They weigh 2,900 pounds and have a fiberglass body.

The original NASCAR Southwest Tour began in 1985 and ran until NASCAR discontinued the Elite Division in 2006.

When NASCAR eliminated the Elite Division at the end of the 2006 season, former IRL driver Davey Hamilton's SRL Wild West Shootout sanctioning body gave the former NASCAR Southwest Tour teams in the Southwest a series to race.


NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, Southwest SeriesEdit

  • 2006: Rip Michels
  • 2005: Jim Pettit II
  • 2004: Jim Pettit II
  • 2003: Auggie Vidovich

NASCAR Featherlite Southwest TourEdit