Fashionable Lectures

Fashionable Lectures: Composed and Delivered with Birch Discipline was a pornographic book originally published in the 18th century and republished by John Camden Hotten as volume 7 of his series The Library Illustrative of Social Progress around 1872 (falsely dated 1777).[1][2] Hotten claimed to have found them in the library of Henry Thomas Buckle (1821–1862) but Henry Spencer Ashbee claimed that they were in fact from his collection.[3][4] The first edition was published around 1750[5] and again with illustrations by William Holland in the 1780s.[6]

Fashionable Lectures: Composed and Delivered with Birch Discipline

The theme of the work is flagellation[1] by dominant women in positions of authority.[7] It promoted the names of ladies offering the service in a lecture room with rods and cat o' nine tails.[8]


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