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Farpoint Convention

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Farpoint is an American science-fiction convention held since 1993 in Hunt Valley, Maryland.[1][2] The convention is fan-run, differentiating it from larger, profit-making ventures. Typical programming includes panel discussions, a competitive masquerade, fan videos, an art show, filking[3] and celebrity guest appearances. It is a successor convention to ClipperCon[4](1984-1989) and OktoberTrek (1990-1992). The most recent Farpoint was held on February 8-10, 2019.[5]

Farpoint Convention
GenreScience Fiction, Pop Culture
VenueDelta Marriott Hunt Valley Inn
Location(s)Hunt Valley, MD
CountryUnited States
InauguratedOctober 8th, 1993
Organized bySharon Van Blarcom and Sandy Zier-Teitler
Filing statusNot for profit

Locations and DatesEdit

Dates Location Attendance* Notable Guests
October 8–10, 1993 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 1,300 John DeLancie, June Lockhart, William Campbell
October 7–9, 1994 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 1,300 George Takei, Jonathan Brandis, Nana Visitor
October 6–8, 1995 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 1,200 Robert Picardo, John Fiedler
October 5–7, 1996 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 1,100 Michael Ansara, Tim Russ, Mark Goddard
October 4–6, 1997 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 1,500 Jonathan Frakes, Mira Furlan
November 1998 Omni in Baltimore 460 Stephen Furst, Robert O'Reilly
October 8–10, 1999 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn TBD Peter Jurasik, James Darren, Robert Colbert, Mary Kay Adams
October 2000 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn TBD Andreas Katsulas, Mary Kay Adams
2001** N/A N/A N/A
February 15–17, 2002 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 876 George Takei, Robin Curtis, Philip Anglim
February 14–16, 2003 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 572 Armin Shimerman, Gil Gerard, Erin Gray
February 13–15, 2004 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 722 Tim Russ, Bill Mumy, Andrew Robinson[6]
February 11–13, 2005 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 737 Jeffrey Combs, Wayne Pygram, Tony Amendola
February 17–19, 2006 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 708 Harve Bennett, Penny Johnson Jerald, Jack Stauffer
February 16–18, 2007 Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 758 Ron Glass, Harve Bennett, Richard Hatch
February 15–17, 2008[7] Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn 774 James Callis, Erin Gray, Marina Sirtis
February 13–15, 2009 Crowne Plaza Baltimore North 799 Alan Tudyk, Philip Weyland, Harve Bennett
February 12–14, 2010 Crowne Plaza Baltimore North 744 Felicia Day, Lee Arenberg, Sam Witwer, Mira Furlan[8]
February 18–20, 2011 Crowne Plaza Baltimore North[9] 739 Laurie Holden,[10] Tahmoh Penikett, Bonita Friedericy
February 17–19, 2012 Crowne Plaza Baltimore North 761 Michael Hogan, Kristin Bauer, Kate Vernon[11]
February 15–17, 2013[12] Crowne Plaza Baltimore North 792 John Billingsley, Felicia Day, Lee Arenberg, Bonita Friedericy
February 14–16, 2014 North Baltimore Plaza Hotel 746 Alan Dean Foster, Phil LaMarr, Melissa McBride
February 13-15, 2015 North Baltimore Plaza Hotel 758 Timothy Zahn, Tim Russ, Colin Ferguson
February 12–14, 2016 North Baltimore Plaza Hotel 731 Sean Maher, John Morton
February 14–16, 2017 Radisson Baltimore Plaza Hotel 778 Enver Gjokaj, Sam Witwer, Nicholas Meyer
February 9–11, 2018 Delta Marriott Hunt Valley Inn 826 Matt Frewer, Nana Visitor, Timothy Zahn, Nora McLellan
February 8-10, 2019 Delta Hotel by Marriott Hunt Valley 837 Wallace Shawn, Maurice Lamarche, Rob Paulsen

*Attendance does not include dealers and guest numbers

**Convention was not held


From 1993 to 1997 the convention was held in the Hunt Valley Inn. In 1998 the convention was held in the Baltimore Omni. After 1998, the convention went back to the Hunt Valley Inn until 2008. Farpoint was created by Beverly Ott Volker in early 1993. This convention was successor to other Beverly Volker creations such as Clippercon and Oktobertrek. The convention started in October 1993, which had over 1,300 attendees. The convention continued in October until October 2000 when the committee decided to move the convention to February. This decision caused there to be no 2001 convention because it would only be a four-month span without the convention. The date change coincided with the committee decision to feature fan interests prominently alongside the celebrity guests. Farpoint programming was moved into individual tracks that focus on fans' many interests: Authors/Writing, Science, New Media (fan-created podcasting/film/webcomics), Media (movies and television), Live Performances (theater/music/comedy), Costuming and Cosplay (Masquerade) and Youth/Children. In 2003, the convention was nicknamed "SnowPoint" because the guests, attendees, and committee found themselves locked in the Hunt Valley Inn due to a massive amount of snow. This was also Beverly Volker's last convention, as she died the May of that year. Due to rising prices, in 2009, Farpoint moved to the then Crowne Plaza of Baltimore North, currently named the Radisson Hotel North Baltimore. Due to issues with the hotel changing management so often in the past 5 years, and other issues with the hotel, the Convention moved again after the 2017 convention.

In 2018, the convention moved back to the Hunt Valley Inn, which itself has technically undergone yet another name change with ownership back to Marriott, and is now known as the Delta Hotels by Marriott Baltimore Hunt Valley. Most convention goers will still call it the Hunt Valley Inn. With the move back to the "Hunt Valley Inn", the normal weekend Farpoint usually was scheduled for in February, President's day weekend, was already taken by another customer in a multi-year contract, moving Farpoint to another weekend in February. As the convention continues to thrive, Farpoint may be able to regain their normal February weekend and take advantage of that three day weekend on President's Day.


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