Faroese Society

The Faroese Society (Faroese: Føringafelag) was a Faroese association.

The society was established on January 6, 1889[1] with a twofold objective: 1) For the Faroese language to regain its honor and dignity, and 2) For the Faroese to stick together and develop in all areas so that they can fend for themselves.[2]

Poor weather had prevented many people from the most remote villages from attending the Christmas Meeting of 1888 on the second day of Christmas in Tórshavn. A second meeting was therefore convened on January 6, 1889.[2] As at the Christmas Meeting, Rasmus Effersøe and Jóannes Patursson attended and were the leading forces there.

In 1890 the society established its own newspaper, Føringatíðindi (The Faroes Journal).[2][3]

The society disbanded in 1901.[4]


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