Fantômas (1920 serial)

Fantômas is a 1920 American crime film serial directed by Edward Sedgwick. The film is considered to be lost.[1]

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Advert for the film
Directed byEdward Sedgwick
Written byMarcel Allain
George Eshenfelder
Edward Sedgwick
Pierre Souvestre
Produced byWilliam Fox
StarringEdward Roseman
Edna Murphy
CinematographyHorace G. Plympton
Distributed byFox Film Corporation
Release date
  • December 19, 1920 (1920-12-19)
Running time
20 episodes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)
Advertisement for the first episode (1920)
Advertisement for the second episode (1921)


Chapter titlesEdit

  1. On the Stroke of Nine
  2. The Million Dollar Reward
  3. The Triple Peril
  4. Blades of Terror
  5. Heights of Horror
  6. The Altar of Sacrifice
  7. Flames of Destruction
  8. At Death's Door
  9. The Haunted Hotel
  10. The Fatal Card
  11. The Phantom Sword
  12. The Danger Signal
  13. On the Count of Three
  14. The Blazing Train
  15. The Sacred Necklace
  16. The Phantom Shadow
  17. The Price of Fang Wu
  18. Double-Crossed
  19. The Hawk's Prey
  20. The Hell Ship

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