Familjen Anderssons sjuka jul

Familjen Anderssons sjuka jul ("The Andersson Family's Sick Christmas") was the 1998 edition of Sveriges Radio's Christmas Calendar.[2] Based on the Sune books, it was also released as a book in 1998.[3]

Familjen Anderssons sjuka jul
AuthorAnders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson
IllustratorSören Olsson
Cover artistSören Olsson
GenreChildren, Young adult
Set infictional town of Glimmerdagg, Sweden
Publication placeSweden
ISBN91-29-64642-1 [1]
Preceded byPlugghästen Sune (1998) 
Followed bySune och klantpappan 1999



In the Andersson family, mother Karin suddenly turns ill. She has to rest, and is sent to the hospital. Rudolf, the father, has to take care of the family himself.[4]

The series received positive reception for, among other things, tackling that Christmas is celebrated in remembrance of the birth of Jesus.[5]


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