Falley Seminary (1836-1883) was a school in Fulton, Oswego County, New York.[1] It was named in honor of Mrs. M. E. Falley, who gave the institution US$3,000.[2]

Falley Seminary

History edit

The Fulton Female Seminary was incorporated by the New York State Legislature May 25, 1836, and admitted by the Regents February 5, 1839.[2] Lucy Maynard Salmon was its first principal. On April 11, 1842, the name changed to Fulton Academy. On April 11, 1849, it became the Falley Seminary of the Black River Conference. On March 5, 1857, it merged and became the "Falley Seminary".[3][4] It functioned as a preparatory school for girls attended by locals and out-of-area boarding students. Later, it served as a post-secondary seminary of the Presbyterian church, and still later, of the Methodist Conference.[5]

Alumni edit

  • Candy Cummings (1848-1924), professional baseball pitcher, credited with inventing the curveball
  • Esther Baker Steele (1835–1911), educator, author, traveler, philanthropist

Further reading edit

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