Fall River F.C.

Fall River Football Club, also referred to as Fall River Field Club, was the name used by two United States soccer clubs, based in Fall River, Massachusetts. Both played in the American Soccer League during the early 1930s. The name is often used incorrectly to refer to Fall River Marksmen, another soccer team. Although both these teams shared some common history with the Marksmen, they were separate clubs.

Fall River F.C. IEdit

Between 1924 and 1930 the first Fall River F.C. played in the American Soccer League as Providence Clamdiggers and then as Providence Gold Bugs. However, in 1931, after Sam Mark, owner of the Fall River Marksmen, relocated his team to New York and renamed them the New York Yankees, he made their former home ground, Mark's Stadium, available to anybody willing to place a team there. A group of Fall River businessmen, led by an ex-Marksmen player Harold Brittan, then bought Providence Gold Bugs, moved them into Mark's Stadium and renamed then Fall River F.C. The new club played for just one season, Spring 1931, eventually finishing fifth. However, during their short existence they did win two notable prestige friendlies. On February 22, 1931, they beat Vélez Sársfield 5–2. Then on May 31 with a team that included Joe Kennaway, Bill Paterson and Tom Florie they beat Celtic 1–0. Kennaway subsequently signed for Celtic after impressing them with his performance in goal.[citation needed]

By early 1931 the Great Depression had severely effected the stability of the ASL and several teams relocated, merged and even disappeared. On April 19, 1931, Fall River absorbed New Bedford Whalers before they themselves were absorbed by New York Yankees during the summer. This new team then revived the New Bedford Whalers name for the Fall 1931 season.[1][2][3]

Fall River F.C. IIEdit

A second Fall River F.C. played during the Fall 1932 American Soccer League season. The exact origins of this team are unclear. New Bedford Whalers, the successor team of both the earlier Fall River F.C. and Fall River Marksmen, also began the Fall 1932 season but they only survived for six games before folding. However one of their former players, Billy Gonsalves finished the season at the new Fall River club, scoring 7 goals in 12 games, as he helped them win the league title.[4][5]

Notable playersEdit


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs National Challenge Cup
Spring 1931 1 ASL 5th No playoff Did not enter
Fall 1932 1 ASL Champion No playoff N/A


Fall River F.C. II


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