Falcón Zulia State (Estado Falcón – Zulia) was a state of Venezuela created by initiative of president Antonio Guzmán Blanco.

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1881 - 1883 Edit


As repression to the calls against centralism, president Antonio Guzmán Blanco joined Falcón State and Zulia State into a combined state called Falcón-Zulia with the intent that Maracaibo had less autonomy. The capital was transferred to Casigua and later to Capatárida. Zulia became only a sub-region of the new state. In 1890 President Raimundo Andueza Palacio reestablished the autonomy of Zulia State with Maracaibo as its capital again. El Zulia volvió a sus fronteras de 1881. In the map, the Zulia sub-region (and former State) is shown in red, which had Maracaibo as its former capital; the Falcón sub-region (and former State) is in brown. Capatárida is located in the western coat in Galcón State near the border with Zulia State almost equidistant between the former (and now current) capitals of Falcón and Zulia States, respectively, the cities of Coro and Maracaibo.

1883 - 1890 Edit


The Zulia section, in red, receives Democracia Parish from Falcón.

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The state is divided into 2 secciones/sections:

The sections are divided into cantons.

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