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Fair and Warmer is a three-act comedy play by the American writer Avery Hopwood. It was first staged at the Eltinge Theatre in New York City on November 15, 1915, running for 377 performances, featuring Madge Kennedy, John Cumberland, Janet Beecher, Ralph Morgan, Hamilton Revelle, Olive May, Robert Fisher and Harry Lorraine. Staged by Robert Milton, it was well received by critics.[1] It is a farce about a mild-mannered banker who becomes embroiled in an innocent scheme to rekindle the romance in his marriage using his best friend's wife.



Friends Laura Bartlett and Jack Wheeler enjoy going out partying, but their respective spouses, Billy Bartlett and Blanche Wheeler, do not. One evening when Laura and Jack are out together, Billy and Blanche decide to try partying themselves. The inexperienced drinkers mix a cocktail so potent that they pass out together after one drink, leading their spouses to think they are having an affair. Blanche returns the next day to apologize, but Laura has already decided to leave Billy and is having the furniture removed. The misunderstanding is resolved by Tessie, the Barletts' maid.

Cast and charactersEdit

The characters and cast from the Broadway production are given below:

Cast of the Broadway production
Character Broadway cast
Laura Wheeler Janet Beecher
Billy Bartlett John Cumberland
Harrigan Robert Fisher
Blanche Wheeler Madge Kennedy
Pete Mealy Harry Lorraine
Tessie Olive May
Jack Wheeler Ralph Morgan
Phillip Evans Hamilton Revelle


The reviewer for The New York Times praised the play as well-written and the acting of the Broadway cast, especially Kennedy and Cumberland.[2]

Film adaptationsEdit

In 1919 the play was turned into an American silent film of the same title.

The 1937 German comedy The Model Husband with Heinz Rühmann was based on Hopwood's play and was followed up by West German and Swiss remakes in 1956 and 1959 respectively.

A Swedish film version Gröna hissen [sv] was made in 1944, another Swedish film version Oppåt med Gröna Hissen [sv] in 1952, a Danish film version Den grønne elevator [da] was made in 1961, and a Norwegian film version Den grønne heisen in 1981.


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