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Faggot, faggots, or faggoting may refer to:

Arts and crafts

  • Faggoting (metalworking), forge welding a bundle of bars of iron and steel
  • Faggoting (knitting), variation of lace knitting in which every stitch is a yarn over or a decrease
  • Faggoting stitch, featherstitch, or Cretan stitch, embroidery stitch used to make decorative seams or to attach insertions
  • Bassoon, variously called fagotto, faggot, fagott, fagot


  • Faggot cell, blast cell type found in acute promyelocytic leukemia
  • Eumeta crameri or faggot worm, from the bundles of twigs it binds to itself


  • faggot or fagot, branch or twig, or bundle of these
    • Fascine, bundle of brushwood used in civil and military engineering
    • Fasces, ancient symbol of an axe bound in a bundle of rods
    • Faggot (unit), archaic unit of measurement for bundles of sticks


  • Faggot (food), British meatball commonly made of pork offal
  • A herb bundle, or bouquet garni of bay leaf, thyme and parsley tied together


  • Faggot (slang), pejorative, now usually for a homosexual male, also having older and derived pejorative senses


  • Jacob Faggot (1699–1777), Swedish scientist
  • Nicholas Faggot, character in the 1824 novel Redgauntlet by Sir Walter Scott


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