Fact sheet

A fact sheet, factsheet, fact file or (in some industries) one sheet is a presentation of information and data in a format that emphasizes key points concisely, usually using tables, bullet points and/or headings, on a single printed page.

Fact sheets generally contain summaries of research, product information, technical data, lists, statistics, answers to common questions (e.g. FAQs), educational material, or how-to "do it yourself" advice. They are sometimes a summary of a longer document.


Jetstar Boeing 787 fact sheet
  • The World Health Organization provides fact sheets on wide range of health issues[1]
  • The US Internal Revenue Service issues fact sheets that condense a specific subject of interest, that otherwise is contained within a much larger document, into a simple concise format designed to be more easily used.
  • Many college bookstores sell condensed study guides on various subjects, single pages of often-tabular information.
  • The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) provides planetary fact sheets.[2]
  • The US conservation organization Defenders of Wildlife provides fact sheets about animals.[3]
  • The World Factbook, a collection from the US Central Intelligence Agency of tabular factsheets on various countries.[4]
  • Fact sheets on the European Union (EU) provide readers with an overview of the process of European integration and the European Parliament’s role in this development. The content of these fact sheets covers six main areas: how the EU works, citizens’ Europe, the internal market, common policies, economic and monetary union and the EU's external relations.[5][6]
  • Some TV tables will also include fact sheets.

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