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FX (Latin American TV channel)

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FX is a Latin American pay television channel. It is intended as a counterpart to Fox Life, the first being produced for the male audience, while the latter is almost entirely programmed for the female viewers. It was launched in 2005.

FX Latin America
FX International logo.svg
Owned byFox Networks Group
(Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International
The Walt Disney Company Latin America)
SloganSpanish: Lo máximo. It's on.
Portuguese: Ao extremo. It's on.
("The max. It's on.")
Sister channel(s)
Dish Network MexicoChannel 207
DirecTV (South America)Channel 217 (SD)
Channel 1217 (HD)
Sky MexicoChannel 207
Tigo (Latin America)Channel 253 (Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, El Salvador)
Claro TV (Latin America)Chile:
Channel 101 (SD)
Channel 601 (HD)
Channel 43 (SD)
Channel 147 (HD)
Entel TV HD (Chile)Channel 707 (SD)
Channel 93 (HD)
TuVes HD (Chile)Channel 209 (SD)
Channel 117 (HD)
Movistar TV (Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela)Channel 607 (SD)
Channel 860 (HD)
Star TV (Mexico)Channel 207
Cablevisión (Uruguay)Channel 212 (SD)
Channel 729 (HD)
InTV (Argentina)Channel 218 (SD)
Channel 638 (HD)
Cablevisión (Argentina)Channel 48 (Analog)
Channel 308 (Digital/HD)
Telecentro (Argentina)Channel 37 (Analog)
Channel 402 (Digital)
Channel 1042 (HD)
Megacable (Mexico)Channel 204 (SD)
Channel 1204 (HD)
Cabletica (Costa Rica)Channel 43 (Analog)
Channel 354 (Digital)
Channel 710 (HD)
Movistar TV (Peru)Channel 109 (SD)
Channel 725 (HD)
Claro TV (Latin America)Colombia
Channel 609 (SD)
Channel 1609 (HD)
Channel 114 (SD)
Channel 614 (HD)
Channel 101 (SD)
Channel 601 (HD)
Channel 312 (SD)
Channel 1061 (HD)
Channel 127 (SD)
Channel 595 (HD)
HV TV (Colombia)Channel 53 (Cundinamarca)
Supercanal (Argentina)Channel 72 (Analog)
Channel 429 (Digital)
Channel 937 (HD)
Cable Onda (Panama)Channel 275 (SD)
Channel 1275 (HD)
VTR (Chile)Channel 50 (Santiago)
Channel 42 (Antofagasta)
Channel 48 (Valparaíso/Viña del Mar)
Channel 761 (HD)
Tigo (Latin America)Bolivia:
Channel 333 (SD)
Channel 746 (HD)
Channel 255
Channel 39 (Analog)
Channel 174 (Digital)
Channel 51 (SD)
Channel 301 (HD)
Altice (Dominican Republic)Channel 311 (SD)
Channel 452 (HD)
Cable and Wireless (Panama)Channel 403 (SD)
Channel 736 (HD)
Claro TV (Latin America)Dominican Republic:
Channel 208 (SD)
Channel 1208 (HD)
Channel 303 (HD)
ETB (Colombia)Channel 308 (HD)
Cablevisión Flow (Argentina)Channel 308 (HD)
Totalplay (Mexico)Channel 258 (SD)
Channel 209 (HD)
Axel TV (Mexico)Channel 207 (SD)
Channel 907 (HD)
Movistar TV (Latin America)Argentina:
Channel 354 (HD)
Channel 607 (SD)
Channel 860 (HD)
Personal Flow (Paraguay)Channel 212 (HD)
Dibox (Argentina)Channel 218

In July 2007, Fox's adult animation block, No molestar!, in Spanish or Não perturbe!, in Portuguese (literal: "Do not disturb!"), was extended to FX, featuring series as Family Guy, American Dad!, God, The Devil and Bob and The Wrong Coast, all previously seen on the Fox block.

In 2012, FX launched its own HD feed throughout Latin America.


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