FL Lady Bug (1945–1974) was a Quarter Horse mare who was never raced or was shown in a horse show, yet was made famous for her speedy offspring.

FL Lady Bug
BreedQuarter Horse
GrandsireBilly McCue
DamYeager's Lady JA
Maternal grandsireWill Stead
CountryUnited States
BreederW. A. Yeager
OwnerMarvin and Lela Barnes
American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame


FL Lady Bug was registered as number 9733 in the American Quarter Horse Association's (or AQHA) stud book. A sorrel mare, she was foaled in 1945 and bred by W. A. Yeager of Woodward, Oklahoma. Her owners at the time she was registered were Bill and Alive Likins of Davis, Oklahoma.[1] Her sire, Sergeant, was bred to a daughter of his full brother, Will Stead, to produce Lady Bug. Thus, FL Lady Bug was inbred to both Billy McCue and Silver. Her second dam was an unnamed quarter mare from the J A Ranch in Texas.[2]

Breeding recordEdit

FL Lady Bug had fourteen foals, eleven of whom started races. Ten of those starters were winners, with one Champion Quarter Running Two Year Old Filly – Top Ladybug, three stakes winners, and ten Race Register of Merit winners.[3][4] All ten of her Register of Merit qualifiers were sired by different stallions.[4]

Death and honorsEdit

She died on March 1, 1974.[3]

FL Lady Bug was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 1999.[5]


Peter McCue
Jack McCue
Billy McCue
Chickasha Bob
Sorrel Alice
Pid Hart
Chickasha Bob
Mary Keith
Old Billy
Old Alice
FL Lady Bug
Jack McCue
Billy McCue
Sorrel Alice
Will Stead
Chickasha Bob
Yeager's Lady JA
JA Ranch quarter mare


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