FIBT World Championships 1954

The FIBT World Championships 1954 took place in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy for the fourth time after previously hosting in 1937 (Two-man), 1939 (Four-man), and 1950.

Two man bobsleighEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Italy (Guglielmo Scheibmeier, Andrea Zambelli)
Silver   Italy (Italo Petrelli, Luigi Figoli)
Bronze   United States (Stanley Benham, James Bickford)

Italy earned their first championship medals since World War II.

Four man bobsleighEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold    Switzerland (Fritz Feierabend, Harry Warburton, Gottfried Diener, Heinrich Angst)
Silver   West Germany (Hans Rösch, Michael Pössinger, Dix Terne, Sylvester Wackerle)
Bronze   West Germany (Theo Kitt, Josef Grün, Klaus Koppenberger, Lorenz Niebert)

Medal tableEdit

1  Italy (ITA)1102
2   Switzerland (SUI)1001
3  West Germany (FRG)0112
4  United States (USA)0011
Totals (4 nations)2226