European Truck Racing Championship

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship is a motorsport road racing series for semi-tractors which is sanctioned to the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile and is organised by ETRA Promotion GmbH.[1]

European Truck Racing Championship
FIA European Truck Racing Championship.png
Inaugural season1985
2006 (current format)
Drivers23 (2016)
Teams5 (2016)
Drivers' championGermany Jochen Hahn
Motorsport current event.svg Current season
Spain Grand Prix 2013



Season Class A Class B Class C
1985   Rod Chapman Ford Cargo   Richard Walker Leyland   Yves Barrat Renault
1986   Mel Lindsay Leyland Roadtrain   Slim Borgudd Volvo White   Curt Göransson Volvo N12
1987   Rod Chapman Ford Cargo   George Allen Volvo White   Slim Borgudd Volvo White
1988   Gérard Cuynet Ford Cargo   Curt Göransson Volvo N12   Rolf Björk Scania T143M
1989   Rod Chapman Volvo N12   Curt Göransson Volvo N12   Thomas Hegmann Mercedes-Benz 1450-S
1990   Axel Hegmann Mercedes-Benz   Curt Göransson Volvo N12   Steve Parrish Mercedes-Benz 1450
1991   Richard Walker Volvo White Aero   Jokke Kallio Sisu SR 340   Gerd Körber Phoenix MAN
1992   Richard Walker Volvo White Aero   Jokke Kallio Sisu SR 340   Steve Parrish Mercedes-Benz 1450-S
1993   Gérard Cuynet Mercedes-Benz 1733-S   Harri Luostarinen Sisu SR 340 Revolution   Steve Parrish Mercedes-Benz 1450-S

1994–2005 (FIA European Cups)Edit

Season Super-Race-Trucks Race-Trucks
1994   Steve Parrish Mercedes-Benz 1834-S   Boije Ovebrink Volvo NL12
1995   Slim Borgudd Mercedes-Benz 1834-S   Martin Koloc Sisu SR 340
1996   Steve Parrish Mercedes-Benz 1834-S   Martin Koloc Sisu SR 340
1997   Harri Luostarinen Caterpillar TRD   Heinz-Werner Lenz Mercedes-Benz 1938-S
1998   Ludovic Faure Mercedes-Benz Atego Renntruck   Heinz-Werner Lenz Mercedes-Benz 1938-S
1999   Fritz Kreutzpointner MAN 18.423 FT   Heinz-Werner Lenz Mercedes-Benz 1938-S
2000   Harri Luostarinen Caterpillar TRD   Noël Crozier MAN 19.414
2001   Fritz Kreutzpointner MAN TR 1400   Lutz Bernau MAN 19.414
2002   Gerd Körber Buggyra MK 002   Egon Allgäuer MAN TGA
2003   Gerd Körber Buggyra MK 002/B   Lutz Bernau MAN TGA
2004   Markus Oestreich VW Titan   Stuart Oliver MAN TGA
2005   Ralf Druckenmüller VW Titan   Antonio Albacete MAN TGA
Year Super-Race-Trucks B
2001   Stan Matějovský Tatra

2006–current (FIA European Championships)Edit

Season Driver Truck
2006   Antonio Albacete MAN TGA
2007   Markus Bösiger Buggyra
2008   David Vrsecky Buggyra
2009   David Vrsecky Buggyra
2010   Antonio Albacete MAN TGS
2011   Jochen Hahn MAN TG
2012   Jochen Hahn MAN TG
2013   Jochen Hahn MAN TGS
2014   Norbert Kiss MAN
2015   Norbert Kiss MAN
2016   Jochen Hahn MAN TGS
2017   Adam Lacko Buggyra
2018   Jochen Hahn Iveco Stralis
2019   Jochen Hahn Iveco Stralis

Grammer Truck CupEdit

From 2017, the series began running the Grammer Truck Cup within the regular drivers' championship. The competition is reserved for drivers given a "Chrome" rating by the sanctioning body; drivers are considered "Chrome" unless their past performance merits the rank of "Titan".1

Season Driver Truck
2017   José Rodrigues MAN
2018   Shane Brereton MAN
2019   Oliver Janes Freightliner


1 Titan rank is awarded to drivers who have either A) won the ETRC championship within the previous 10 years, B) finished in the top 10 in the championship standings the previous season, C) has finished 6th or better in any super pole session in the previous season, D) is ranked gold or platinum in the FIA's driver ranking system or E) is judged to have had outstanding performance even if none of the previous conditions were met.[2]


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