FEG Model 58

Gunmaker Fegyver És Gépgyár (F.E.G.) of Hungary produced the SA-85 rifle. It was sold in a "sporting" version. It was also imported[where?] pre-ban[which?] in two types, solid stock, and fold under stock. This rifle is a semi-automatic version of the Russian AK-47, with a strange thumb-hole butt-stock, helping to make it a legal hunting rifle in the United States.[citation needed] It was a preferred choice of Kalashnikov style rifles over the cheaper but inferior, Chinese models.[citation needed]

SA-85 rifle
TypeSemi-automatic Rifle
Place of originHungary
Production history
ManufacturerFegyver És Gépgyár (F.E.G.)
    • Solid stock
    • Fold-under stock
ActionSemi-automatic, gas-operated, rotating-bolt
SightsAdjustable rear leaf sight, front post

The FEG model 58 is a recoil operated fully automatic pistol, its magazine is a 7 round box.