FC Iskra Smolensk

FC Iskra Smolensk (Russian: «Искра» (Смоленск)) was a Russian football team from Smolensk. It played professionally in 1937 and 1960 to 1994. In 1995 it merged with FC Kristall Smolensk. They played on the second-highest level in the Soviet First League in 1960–1962 and in 1980–1986. Their best result there was 7th place in 1981.

FC Iskra Smolensk
Full nameFootball Club Iskra Smolensk
LeagueAmateur Football League, Zone Center B

Team name historyEdit

  • 1937: DKA Smolensk
  • 1938–1959: FC Dynamo Smolensk
  • 1960: FC Tekstilshchik Smolensk
  • 1961–1964: FC Spartak Smolensk
  • 1965–1995: FC Iskra Smolensk

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