Exo is an American insect food company that manufactures protein bars using cricket flour from pulverized house crickets.[1][2] The products are marketed as a good source of nutrition.[3]

History edit

The company was founded by Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz in 2013, during their graduate program at the Brown University campus.[4] They first ordered 2000 crickets and worked on some of the prototype recipes from them. They later shifted to New York and worked with Kyle Connaughton, an R&D expert at the Fat Duck restaurant, to make a nutritious protein bar that was also appealing to the palate.[5]

Using Kickstarter, the company's founders raised $55,000 in early 2016, exceeding the initial target of $20,000.[6]

By March 2016, the company had raised a total of $5.6 million from early investors and Series A funding.[7][8]

Exo was acquired by Aspire Food Group in the spring of 2018.[9][10] All of Aspire's in-house Aketta branded products will now become part of the Exo brand.[11]

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