Excentris was a performing arts center and cinema located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, Quebec. The complex was conceived by Daniel Langlois as a laboratory for digital media production as well as a screening venue.[1] It was opened in June 1999, after two years of construction at a cost of CA$6.2 million,[2] and covered 70,000 square feet (6,500 m2).


Excentris ran into financial difficulty in 2009 and was forced to shut down two of its three cinemas. It was revived as a three-screen complex in 2011, with the help of a $4 million loan from Quebec provincial film funding agency SODEC, $2.75 million from the City of Montreal, and $1 million from the Daniel Langlois Foundation.[3][4]

The centre closed its doors in November 2015, citing financial difficulties. Cinéma Parallèle, the non-profit organization that ran the center, entered bankruptcy protection in May 2015.[5][6]

In 2018 the building was sold to Collège Salette [fr] for CA$1.6 million.[2]


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