Evolution (1971 film)

Evolution (French: Évolution) is a 1971 Canadian animated short by Michael Mills, offering a humorous portrayal of evolution. Evolution was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 44th Academy Awards,[1][2] and received nearly 40 international film awards. A film without words, Evolution was animated, directed, written and produced by Mills during his tenure at the National Film Board of Canada, which began in 1966 and lasted until he formed his own animation company, Michael Mills Productions, in 1974.[3][4]


The film begins with a single cell organisms in the oceans, followed by the first creatures to emerge into land, up until the dawn of modern man.[5]


  • Story, Design, & Animation: Michael Mills
  • Assistant Animator: Gayle Thomas
  • Animation Camera: Kjeld Nielsen
  • Optical Camera: Ron Moore
  • Music: Doug Randle
  • Sound Editing: Peter Hearn
  • Re-Recording: Roger Lamoureux
  • Director & Producer: Michael Mills
  • Evolution - A National Film Board Of Canada Production

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