Evergreen Cemetery (Juneau, Alaska)

Evergreen Cemetery is a cemetery in Juneau, the capital of the U.S. state of Alaska. It was established in 1887 to replace the older cemetery on Chicken Ridge, near Main Street, when that location was staked as a gold mine. Most of the graves in this older cemetery were moved to the new cemetery between 1889 and 1892 and the rest were moved about 1915. The grounds were deeded by Evergreen Cemetery Association to the City of Juneau on May 23, 1907.[1]

Evergreen Cemetery
Evergreen cemetery juneau alaska 20040825.jpg
CountryUnited States
Coordinates58°18′17″N 134°25′25″W / 58.3047°N 134.4236°W / 58.3047; -134.4236Coordinates: 58°18′17″N 134°25′25″W / 58.3047°N 134.4236°W / 58.3047; -134.4236
Owned byJuneau City and Borough
Size10 acres (4.0 ha)
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Evergreen Cemetery is operated by the Juneau Department of Parks and Recreation, and was Juneau's main cemetery from 1887 until Alaskan Memorial Park in Mendenhall Valley opened in the 1970s.

Notable intermentsEdit

  • Bernard M. Behrends, and his wife, Virginia Pakle Behrends, pioneer residents of Juneau from December 1887. Behrends Avenue is named in his honor.
  • Charles W. Carter, mayor of Juneau 1913–1914
  • The funeral pyre of Chief Kowee who guided Juneau and Harris through the area.
  • Richard Harris (died October 11, 1907, buried December 28, 1907), co-founder of Juneau
  • Waino Edward Hendrickson, mayor of Juneau 1946–1953 and acting territorial governor 1957 and 1958–1959
  • Joe Juneau (died March, 1899, buried August 16, 1903), co-founder of Juneau
  • Daniel Lyon, died in 1948 saving the mayor from an assassination attempt.
  • John Olds, pioneer miner and hotelier. He came to Juneau in December 1880. Olds Mountain (elevation 4,453 ft., 4.5 miles east of Juneau) is named for him.
  • Alfred P. Swineford, district governor 1885–1889
  • China Joe
  • David Fremming, founder of the Alaskan Southeaster Magazine and McPhee Publications [2] 1940-2012 [3]
  • Fr. Andrew P. Kashevaroff, Rector of St. Nicholas and founding Curator of the Alaska State Museum and Library, 1863-1940

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