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Eva McDonald Valesh (1866–1956) was an American journalist and labor rights activist.[2] Valesh was an activist for, and reported on conditions of laborers in Minnesota's garment factories.[3] She was also a speaker for the Knights of Labor movement and the National Farmer's Alliance.[1]

Eva McDonald Valesh
Eva McDonald Valesh.jpg
Valesh, c. 1885
Born(1866-09-09)September 9, 1866
Known forLabor rights activism
Eva MacDonald Valesh, from a 1916 publication.


Eva McDonald was born in Maine in 1866, and moved with her parents to the Twin Cities, where she attended high school. After high school, she trained as a typewriter and went on to work as a journalist for the Saint Paul Globe and later for the Minneapolis Tribune.

In 1891, Eva married labor politician and trade unionist Frank Valesh. In 1906, she moved to New York City to work for William Randolph Hearst's New York American. She wrote on issues of child labor, citizenship and working women, and also worked as an organizer and public speaker.[3]


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