Eva, ¿qué hace ese hombre en tu cama?

Eva, ¿qué hace ese hombre en tu cama? (Spanish: "Eva, What is That Man Doing in Your Bed?"), also known as Qué bravas son las solteras (Spanish: "How Wild Single Women Are") is a 1975 comedy film co-produced between Mexico, Spain and Puerto Rico,[2][3] directed by Tulio Demicheli[4] and starring Manolo Escobar, Paca Gabaldón, Iris Chacón, Olga Breeskin, Jorge Lavat and Antonio Garisa.

Eva, ¿qué hace ese hombre en tu cama?
Directed byTulio Demicheli
Written byJulio Amussen (play)
Tulio Demicheli
Alfonso Paso[1]
Produced byJosé Díaz
Alfredo Fraile
Arturo González
StarringIris Chacón
Jorge Lavat
Olga Breeskin
Manolo Escobar
Paca Gabaldón
Adalberto Rodriguez
Antonio Garisa
CinematographyJuan Manuel Herrera
Edited byJosé Luis Berlanga
Music byJuan Bracons
Manuel Cubedo
Arturo González Producciones Cinematográficas, S.A.
Víctor Films S.A.
Release date
  • 24 November 1975 (1975-11-24) (Spain)
Running time
90 minutes
Puerto Rico


Manolo (Manolo Escobar), a singer, falls in love with a young woman whose photo appears on a calendar, and suffers from constant hallucinations that make hm see the young woman everywhere. At the same time, he argues with his neighbor who lives upstairs in his apartment every time Manolo tries to play the piano while writing music, because it bothers her a lot. Manolo eventually travels to Puerto Rico, upon learning that the model plans to run an advertising campaign there, only to discover that the woman, Eva (Paca Gabaldón), was also the neighbor with whom he was always arguing. From there, Manolo and Eva must go through several adventures that include Salomé (Olga Breeskin), the mentally unbalanced ex-girlfriend of Manolo who chases him with a gun; César (Jorge Lavat), Eva's boyfriend; Clotilde (Iris Chacón), an extroverted young woman friend of Eva's who crosses paths with Manolo; and Clotilde's wealthy father, Crisanto (Antonio Garisa).


Box officeEdit

The film ranked 19th out of the 25 highest grossing Spanish films from 1970 to 1975.[5]


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