Eustathios Palatinos

Eustathios Palatinos (Latin: Eustachius Palatinus, Italian: Eustachio Palatino) was the catepan of Italy from the autumn of 1045 to September 1046. The primary source for his term of office is the chronicle of Lupus, a fellow protospatharius.

He was sent to replace Argyrus after the latter was recalled to Constantinople. He arrived in Otranto and travelled to Bari, his seat. He was defeated near Taranto by Drogo of Hauteville, the brother of the Norman count of Apulia. He returned to Bari whence he was met by the new catepan John Raphael.


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Preceded by
Basil Theodorokanos
Catepan of Italy
Autumn 1045 - 1046
Succeeded by
John Raphael