European Squash Team Championships

The European Team Championships (ETC) are the international squash competition played between teams representing different nations organised by the European Squash Federation. Countries enter teams of four or five players to represent them in the championships. In each round of the competition, teams face each other in a best-of-four singles matches contest. Each competition is held once every year.

European Team Championships
Event nameEuropean Team Championships
Men's PSA World Tour
Most recent champion(s)England England (men's)
Women's PSA World Tour
Most recent champion(s)France France (women's)

Past resultsEdit

Men's championshipEdit

Year Champions Runners-up Third-Place Fourth-Place Location
2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.[1]
2019   England   Spain   Scotland   France   England, Birmingham
2018   France   England   Spain   Germany   Poland, Wrocław
2017   France   England   Germany   Scotland   Finland, Helsinki
2016   England   France   Scotland   Germany   Poland, Warsaw
2015   France   England   Germany   Scotland   Denmark, Herning
2014   England   France   Germany   Scotland   Italy, Riccione
2013   England   France   Germany   Scotland   Netherlands, Amsterdam
2012   England   France   Germany   Scotland   Germany, Nuremberg
2011   England   France   Italy   Netherlands   Finland, Espoo
2010   England   France   Netherlands   Wales   France, Aix-en-Provence
2009   England   France   Wales   Netherlands   Sweden, Malmö
2008   England   France   Netherlands   Germany   Netherlands, Amsterdam
2007   England   Netherlands   France   Wales   Italy, Riccione
2006   England   France   Netherlands   Wales   Austria, Vienna
2005   England   France   Netherlands   Wales   Netherlands, Amsterdam
2004   England   France   Wales   Netherlands   France, Rennes
2003   England   France   Wales   Netherlands   England, Nottingham
2002   England   France   Wales   Netherlands   Germany, Böblingen
2001   England   France   Finland   Wales   Netherlands, Eindhoven
2000   England   France   Finland   Wales   Austria, Vienna
1999   England   Scotland   Wales   Finland   Austria, Linz
1998   England   Finland   Wales   France   Finland, Helsinki
1997   England   Wales   Finland   France   Denmark, Odense
1996   England   Scotland   Finland   Germany   Netherlands, Amsterdam
1995   England   Finland   Sweden   Germany   Netherlands, Amsterdam
1994   England   Germany   Scotland   France   Netherlands, Zoetermeer
1993   England   Germany   France   Sweden   France, Aix-en-Provence
1992   Scotland   Finland   England   Sweden   France, Aix-en-Provence
1991   England   Finland   Germany   Netherlands   Germany, Gelsenkirchen
1990   England   Germany   Finland   Sweden    Switzerland, Zürich
1989   England   Sweden   Finland   Germany   Finland, Helsinki
1988   England   Sweden   Finland   Wales   Netherlands, Warmond
1987   England   Sweden   Finland   Germany   Austria, Vienna
1986   England   Sweden   Finland   Germany   France, Aix-en-Provence
1985   England   Sweden   Finland   Netherlands   Spain, Barcelona
1984   England   Sweden   Finland   Ireland   Ireland, Dublin
1983   Sweden   England   Wales   Netherlands   Germany, Munich
1982   England   Sweden   Ireland   Finland   Wales, Cardiff
1981   England   Sweden   Ireland   Scotland   Netherlands, Amsterdam
1980   Sweden   England   Finland   Wales   Finland, Helsinki
1979   England   Sweden   Scotland   Ireland   Germany, Hamburg
1978   England   Sweden   Scotland   Finland   Netherlands, Amsterdam
1977   England   Scotland   Sweden   Ireland   England, Sheffield
1976   England   Scotland   Sweden   Ireland   Belgium, Brussels
1975   England   Scotland   Sweden   Ireland   Ireland, Dublin
1974   England   Scotland   Ireland   Wales   Sweden, Stockholm
1973   England   Scotland   Ireland   Wales   Scotland, Edinburgh

Women's championshipEdit

Year Champions Runners-up Third-Place Fourth-Place Location
2020 Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.[2]
2019   France   England   Belgium   Scotland   England, Birmingham
2018   England   France   Belgium   Netherlands   Poland, Wrocław
2017   England   France   Wales   Netherlands   Finland, Helsinki
2016   England   France   Netherlands   Wales   Poland, Warsaw
2015   England   France   Ireland   Denmark   Denmark, Herning
2014   England   France   Czech Republic   Ireland   Italy, Riccione
2013   England   Ireland   France   Netherlands   Netherlands, Amsterdam
2012   England   Ireland   France   Germany   Germany, Nuremberg
2011   England   Netherlands   Ireland   France   Finland, Espoo
2010   Netherlands   France   England   Ireland   France, Aix-en-Provence
2009   England   Netherlands   France   Ireland   Sweden, Malmö
2008   England   Netherlands   France   Ireland   Netherlands, Amsterdam
2007   England   Netherlands   Denmark   Germany   Italy, Riccione
2006   England   Netherlands   Germany   France   Austria, Vienna
2005   England   Netherlands   Ireland   Scotland   Netherlands, Amsterdam
2004   England   Netherlands   France   Belgium   France, Rennes
2003   England   Netherlands   Scotland   Denmark   England, Nottingham
2002   England   Scotland   Germany   Denmark   Germany, Böblingen
2001   England   Denmark   Switzerland   Netherlands   Netherlands, Eindhoven
2000   England   Germany   Scotland   Netherlands   Austria, Vienna
1999   England   Germany   Netherlands   Scotland   Austria, Linz
1998   England   Germany   Netherlands   Scotland   Finland, Helsinki
1997   England   Germany   Netherlands   Scotland   Denmark, Odense
1996   England   Germany   Netherlands   France   Netherlands, Amsterdam
1995   England   Netherlands   Scotland   Germany   Netherlands, Amsterdam
1994   England   Germany   Netherlands   Ireland   Netherlands, Zoetermeer
1993   England   Netherlands   Germany   Ireland   France, Aix-en-Provence
1992   England   Germany   Netherlands   Ireland   France, Aix-en-Provence
1991   England   Netherlands   Germany   Finland   Germany, Gelsenkirchen
1990   England   Netherlands   Finland   Ireland    Switzerland, Zürich
1989   England   Ireland   Netherlands   Sweden   Finland, Helsinki
1988   England   Ireland   Germany   Wales   Netherlands, Warmond
1987   England   Ireland   Germany   Finland   Austria, Vienna
1986   England   Ireland   Scotland   Finland   France, Aix-en-Provence
1985   England   Ireland   Scotland   Wales   Spain, Barcelona
1984   England   Ireland   Scotland   Wales   Ireland, Dublin
1983   England   Ireland   Wales   Scotland   Germany, Munich
1982   England   Ireland   Scotland   Wales   Wales, Cardiff
1981   England   Ireland   Wales   Scotland   Netherlands, Amsterdam
1980   England   Ireland   Scotland   Wales   Finland, Helsinki
1979   England   Ireland   Scotland   Wales   Germany, Hamburg
1978   England   Ireland   Scotland   Wales   Netherlands, Amsterdam


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