European School, Mol

The European School, Mol was the third of the thirteen European Schools to be established, and is one of five such schools in Belgium.[2] Founded in 1960, it is located in Mol, in the province of Antwerp.[2]

European School, Mol
Schola Europaea
Europawijk, 100


Coordinates51°12′05″N 5°02′42″E / 51.201304°N 5.044956°E / 51.201304; 5.044956
TypeEuropean School
Operated byThe European Schools
DirectorMaría José Pérez Blanco
Age range4-18
Enrolment690[1] (2018-2019)
Student Union/AssociationThe Pupils' Committee
Sister Schools12 European Schools
DiplomaEuropean Baccalaureate

The school was primarily established to provide an education to the children of staff posted to nearby domestic, and European atomic research projects and facilities; the Belgian governments' nuclear research centre, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's Eurochemic nuclear fuel reprocessing plant (now defunct), and the European Atomic Energy Community's Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements (now under the auspices of the European Commission as the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements).[2]

However, the school has also welcomed children from other European or overseas families who live and work in the area.[2] Buses bring pupils from as far as Antwerp and Eindhoven, with nearby facilities to accommodate boarders during the school week.[2]

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