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European Consortium for Political Research

The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is an independent scholarly association that supports and encourages the training, research and cross-national cooperation of many thousands of academics and graduate students specialising in political science and all its sub-disciplines. ECPR membership is institutional rather than individual and, at its inception in 1970, comprised eight members (Bergen, Gothenburg, Essex, Leiden, Mannheim, Nuffield College (Oxford), Strathclyde and Paris (FNSP)). Membership has now grown to encompass more than 350 institutions throughout Europe, with associate members spread across the world.

ECPR activities include
  • Organising workshops, roundtables, conferences and summer schools
  • Publishing journals, books, articles and newsletters
  • Providing a comprehensive European information source for political scientists through its website, electronic bulletin and online searchable databases
  • Promoting teaching and training and the discipline in general through the professional journal European Political Science (EPS) and summer schools.

The ECPR has close links with similar organisations, such as the American Political Science Association (APSA), European national associations and the International Political Science Association (IPSA).




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The following academic journals are published by ECPR, in conjunction with other academic publishers:

ECPR PressEdit

ECPR Press publishes original research across all fields of political science, international relations and political thought, without restriction in approach or regional focus. It is also open to interdisciplinary work with a predominant political dimension. The Press has four main series: Studies in European Political Research, Monographs, Classics, and Essays.

Standing Groups and Research NetworksEdit

ECPR Standing Groups encourage collaboration between scholars specialising in the same area of research. Their informal structure allows closer exchange of ideas.

Standing groups are open to individuals in ECPR member institutions as well as those from non-ECPR institutions.


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