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Euromonitor International Ltd is a London-based market research company founded in 1972.[1][2]


The firm was founded by Robert Senior in 1972.[3] Trevor Fenwick joined in 1978,[4][5] and is a co-founder of Euromonitor International.[6]

Euromonitor International's main product is Passport, a subscription-based database of market research. Much of the information on Passport is written by Euromonitor International's analysts, although it also includes information from various other sources.[7]

Euromonitor has done studies for the EU,[8][9] and their data is cited in writings about social issues.[10][11][12] Their demographic focus is not limited to a single age group.[13][14] The company's reports[15] and industry research are cited by media such as The New York Times and The Economist.[16][17][18]

In 2014, the Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade (Export) was awarded to Euromonitor.[19][20]

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