Eurofins BLC Leather Technology Centre

Eurofins | BLC Leather Technology Centre or Eurofins | BLC is a testing, auditing and consulting business that specialises in chemicals, leather, footwear and other associated products and related materials, and is based in Northamptonshire.[1] An additional specialism is the safe use and management of chemicals in the supply chain; a concept from which Eurofins | BLC developed the ZDHC approved Chem-MAP® certification process for chemicals, chemical companies, brands and their suppliers.[2][3]

Eurofins | BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd
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Eurofins BLC Leather Technology Centre is located in Northamptonshire
Eurofins BLC Leather Technology Centre
Location within Northamptonshire
General information
TypeTesting Laboratory & Consulting Services to the Leather Supply Chain
LocationNorthampton, United Kingdom
AddressKings Park Road, Moulton Park
Coordinates52°16′25″N 0°52′39″W / 52.2735°N 0.8774°W / 52.2735; -0.8774Coordinates: 52°16′25″N 0°52′39″W / 52.2735°N 0.8774°W / 52.2735; -0.8774
Elevation125 m (410 ft)

A significant item of note is that Eurofins | BLC is the official facilitator of the Leather Working Group (LWG) which is a significant environmental stewardship programme within the leather industry. The LWG has over 600 member companies that includes over 100 major clothing and footwear brands.[4]

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In March 2018, BLC was acquired by Eurofins Scientific of Belgium who now have a majority share holding in the company.[5]

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