Eugenio Lerdo de Tejada

Eugenio Lerdo de Tejada (c.1720 – c.1800) was a Spanish merchant and politician, who held various public positions in Buenos Aires during the colonial period, including like mayor and regidor of the city.[1]

Eugenio Lerdo de Tejada
Alcalde of Buenos Aires
In office
MonarchCharles III
Preceded byJuan Miguel de Esparza
Succeeded byJuan de Lezica y Torrezuri
Personal details
BornXVIII century
La Rioja
DiedXVIII century
Buenos Aires, Argentina
NationalityFlag of New Spain.svg Spanish


He was born in Nájera, La Rioja, Spain, and was married in Buenos Aires to María Josefa Bustillo de Zeballos, daughter of Ignacio de Bustillos y Zeballos and Ana Domíguez Rabanal, belonging to a distinguished family.[2]

Eugenio Lerdo de Tejada was appointed as procurator of Buenos Aires in 1762,[3] and served for two terms as mayor of first vote of Buenos Aires, elected in 1761 and 1764.[4] He also served as Corregidor of Oruro during the viceroyalty of José Manso de Velasco.[5]


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